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Dział: Nauki o Zarządzaniu
Paula Bajdor, Aleksandra Ptak (red.)
Monografia, Wyd. I, 184 s., 2017 r.
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Chapter 1
Aleksandra Ptak
Offshoring of Business Services – Poland on the Background of other Countries of the World

Chapter 2
Paula Bajdor
Conditions of Czestochowa City Development in Terms of Tourism, Entertainment and Recreation, Culture and Sport

Chapter 3
Helena Fidlerova
Capturing the Synergies Between Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Circular Economy Applying Win-Win Strategy

Chapter 4
Issah Moshood, Umejesi Ikechukwu, Abioye Abdulazeez
Olumide Economic and Financial Crimes: A Perceptual Study of the Strategies to Tackling Corruption in Nigeria

Chapter 5
Olatunji Abdulganiyu, Umejesi Ikechukwu, Issah Moshood Lawal,Ebenezer Ejalonibu
Socio-Cultural Factors and Entrepreneurial Behaviour: A Theoretical Explanation  

Chapter 6
Manoj G Kharat, Shankar Murthy, Sheetal J Kamble
Solid Waste Management: A Review of Advanced Technologies and Models 

Chapter 7 Katarzyna Grondys
Material Procurement Management in the Manufacturing Company 

Chapter 8
Anna Wiśniewska-Sałek
International Entrepreneurship as Innovative Behaviour in Regional Context 

Chapter 9
Tomasz Lis
Competitiveness in a Dynamic Market

Chapter 10
Magdalena Scherer
On Generating Fuzzy Linguistic Terms for Reverse Logistics Management 

Chapter 11
Agnieszka Ulfik
Sustainable Development and Waste Management in Poland and Europe 

Chapter 12
Catalina Tutulea
Description of Quality, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems – an Essay