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Dział: Nauki o Zarządzaniu
Barbara Pabian, Andrii Kuzyshyn, Aleksander Pabian, Inna Poplavska, Serhii Zadvornyi
Monografia, Wyd. I, 110 s., 2020 r.
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Chapter 1 The concept of sustainability - from idea to implementation practice 

1.1. The reality of modern times as a challenge for sustainable management 
1.2. Outline of the concept of sustainable development
1.3. Management under conditions of sustainable development

Chapter 2 Idea, placement and the role of sustainable development in postmodern tourism 
2.1. Mass tourism and its disfunctions
2.2. From mass tourism to sustainable one – change of paradigm and way of thinking 
2.3. Examples of sustainable management in the Polish tourism industry as a response to today’s challenges 

Chapter 3 International tourism flows and sustainable tourism development in Ukraine 
3.1. Conditions for the development of modern tourism
3.2. Presenting main material. General characteristics of tourism flows 
3.3. Geography of origin of tourists visiting Ukraine
3.4. Ukraine as a tourist destination in the age of globalization – conclusion 

Chapter 4 Organization of tourist infrastructure of Ukraine for sustainable tourism development 
4.1. Market of tourist services in Ukraine in the context of sustainable development 
4.2. Improvements in the field of infrastructure
4.3. How does transport infrastructure affect the economy?

Chapter 5 Cultural heritage as a means of sustainable development of tourism 
5.1. The cultural heritage and its role in the human and economic development of people's territorial differences 
5.2. Cultural heritage in the context of sustainable development
5.3. Sustainable tourism in the system of realization of sustainable development goals 
5.4. Cultural heritage as a resource for sustainable tourism development: features, problems and prospects 


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